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this blog is a place for me to share ideas. It will be unedited and unapologetic. I will likely make many spelling errors and say things that make you upset. If so, go for a walk or take a hot bath.

That is all


like many young children, I decided early on that I would be a professional athlete. Growing up in Preston, Nova Scotia, Canada meant that this was not going to happen easily. For starters, the average height in my family is 5’7. The average height of an NBA basketball player is 6’7. I think you can guess how this story ends. After university basketball, my career was over. Devastated…

at some point, I decided to switch gears and focus more on education. After my bachelor degree, it meant that I had to go back to school for an additional 2 years. At the time, this didn’t make sense to me. You mean I have to go back to school for  2  more years to learn how to teach children?

after volunteering with a primary class at Bell Park Academic Centre (Thank’s Mr. Logan) I found a joy in helping young children, encouraging them to try new things and work hard. The classroom quickly became my sanctuary. Being around children and helping them became my comfort zone. Teaching was an immediate path to happiness.

next, my life took a 360 (literally), I decided to move to Kuwait (Where I found the love of my life *NR:-) and teach second grade at American School Kuwait. After 3 years (Thanks, Kuwait Family) I moved to Singapore and now teach third grade at Singapore American School. What a whirlwind!

i’m fortunate to have a job that I love and the opportunity to change the lives of so many youngsters at a time. My dream is to write and illustrate my own children’s books. Give back to my community. And share a taste of my life with you.

family | travel | teaching

when I am not teaching I am thinking about family and travel…

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